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Ignacio graduated from film school in his home country of Spain in 2010 and has been making movies ever since.  A prolific writer, he set up Tractorni Productions in 2016 to pursue a career as a film director, focusing on producing his own material.  With a huge catalog of his own scripts, he has successfully directed 12 short films and 4 features to date (2022), with 2 further features currently in development.  His movies have also been recognized and screened at various festivals across the world.

Having always enjoyed drama at school and performed on stage as a child living in Germany, David started taking acting classes for the screen in 2009.  What started as a hobby quickly turned into a true passion for acting and subsequently making movies. He has now produced or starred in 7 feature films, over 20 short films, a number of TV documentaries, and numerous online commercials.  He has seen his films make the official selection at Lift-Off New York, Santa Fe Film Festival, Miami Independent Film Festival, and the Underground Indie Film Festival (winning Best Sci-fi Feature - T h e M).


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